Homeschooling Schedules
Make the Day Flow Better

There are many people who don't feel like they can work with a strict homeschooling schedule.  I say it's much harder to work without one.  Does it have to be broken down into minutia?  Absolutely not, but some kind laid out plan is necessary if you want your days to run smoothly.

Organizing your home school might seem like a monumental task, but once it is done, it will be well worth the effort. It wasn't too long into my home schooling career when I realized that I needed to schedule my day in order for me to maintain my sanity. The more children I added to my homeschool, the crazier it got. I would be in the middle of trying to help one child while another was standing at my side wanting to know what they should be doing next.

A person can only take so much chaos before they start to lose their patience!

I discovered that by organizing my day into 1/2 hour chunks of time, my life became more manageable. I will tell you that this took some time to learn and to implement, but once we got our schedule up and running, everyone was much happier.

Like I said at the beginning, your school day doesn't have to be broken down into small chunks like that if that doesn't work for you.  Simply deciding what hours you will be doing school and blocking those off each day might be enough for you.  Either way, deciding when you will be schooling and what you will be doing during those hours will make a big difference in making your day run smoother.

The kids also loved it because they knew exactly what they were supposed to be doing at exactly what time they were supposed to be doing it. If anyone interrupted me to find out what to do next, I could just point to the schedule and tell them to follow it. After awhile, the kids were reminding me what time it was and what it was we were supposed to be doing.

Help For Making Your
Homeschooling Schedules Work for You

This may seem like a daunting task and it actually might take you some time of trial and error in order to find a schedule that will work for you and your family.  That's why I have the largest chapter of my book devoted to getting your school time organized. 

Let's face it, schoolwork and food take up a good portion of your day.  You have to find the right balance with your school time so that you can fit in all of the other important things that you have to do; like feed everyone.  There are multiple steps that I have you work through in order to figure out what the best schedule is for your school day.

It is time to start getting organized! Our God is a God of order. Organize your home school, as well as the rest of your day, and everyone in your family will benefit!

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