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St Anthony Unit Study Please!?

These look fantastic! Can you do one about St. Anthony next? I want to do a homeschool trial over the summer using unit studies and field trips. One will

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Read Aloud with Your Family

If you're interested in the books that we've read aloud, check out this page.

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Teaching Reading to Your Children

One of the toughest jobs a homeschooling parent has it teaching reading to his/her children. Need some advice, click here.

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Homeschooling spelling - Some info on how to make it do-able!

Homeschooling Spelling - How can I do it withouth going crazy?

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Homeschooling Facts

Are you the kind of person who needs facts and statistics in order to make a decision? This page will help you look into some of the most current homeschooling facts and statistics.

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Disadvantages of Homeschooling? What are those?

There are still people out there who have a negative opinion of homeschooling. Most times, if they list off the disadvantages of homeschooling, they tend to all revolve around a few key issues. Let'

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Looking to start homeschooling?

So you think you want to start homeschooling? Or maybe you are still in the discernment process. This is a very important decision which requires a careful look at all of the pros and cons.

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