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My homeschool classroom? Which room should that be?

Here are some thoughts on which room in your house should be your homeschool classroom.

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St Kateri Catholic Unit Study

A three week homeschooling unit study that covers the life of St Kateri and the Mohawk Indians

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Homeschool Math

Homeschool Math. No subject can strike more fear into the minds of both parents and children than that. Here are my recommendations on how to deal with math in your homeschool.

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Math U See

Math U See is a good option to consider if your children really need to understand they "why" of math.

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Life of Fred Elementary Series

There is a new addition to the Life of Fred Math books and it is called the Life of Fred Elementary Series! These books are aimed at students in grades K-4. They're a great addition to the line!

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Morning Basket - A great way to start your school day!

Looking for a great way to start your school day? Establishing a morning basket routine might just be the thing you and your kids are looking for

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Homeschooling Kindergarten

What is needed when homeschooling kindergarten? Do I have to spend a lot of money on books? Check here for the answers.

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