Conquer Your
Household Chores

Chores. A necessary evil in our lives if we want to have some semblance of a neat and orderly household. If you spend all your time on homeschooling, then your house falls apart. If you spend all your time on your house, your homeschooling falls apart. The key to solving this problem is balance. If you can schedule some time into every day to take care of the basic necessities, then you should be able to keep your house looking presentable.

I am a big advocate of getting your children involved in helping out around the house. The amount that you can accomplish in one day will depend greatly upon the number of able-bodied children you have. If you have at least one child that can walk steadily, then you have a child that can help.

It is important for many reasons to get your kids involved in the housework:

  • It helps you to spread the work around and get more done.
  • It helps them have a hand in keeping the house and family running smoothly.
  • It helps them to develop a good work ethic.

Don't be afraid to get the kids involved. Here is where a good chart will come in handy. Make one up so that everyone knows what their jobs are and when they are supposed to do them.

Once you assign the jobs, you must take the time to teach them exactly how you want each job done. Just remember, you will have to keep following up on them because it might take them awhile to get it right.

A rule of thumb that I use is that your home should be within 1/2 - 1 hour of being able to be seen by a visitor without you feeling embarrassed.

Is your house in that state? If not, take some time right now to get organized and get going with a chore chart so that you can be on your way to a neater and more comfortable home.

If you would like help in organizing this area of your life, why not check out "A Plan for Joy in the Home".

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