Home Organizing Tip #2
The Central Calendar

Home Organizing tip #2 deals with the central calendar. With the busy lifestyles that we catholic homeschooling families lead these days, I find it absolutely essential to have some sort of central calendar that the whole family can look at and add to.

In my house I have a 2" binder that sits on the desk in my kitchen. For each week I have a calendar page on the right side and a note keeping page on the left side. This sits open on my desk all the time. I got this idea a long time ago from a little booklet by Diane Hopkins and it has been a life saver! I've adapted it slightly to fit my needs.

This is the main section of my notebook. After that, I have several other sections marked off by notebook dividers.

  • The next section is where I keep all the blank copies of my grocery lists. This makes it easy to add to the list throughout the week.
  • An essential part of home organizing is being able to find things when you need them. Therefore, an important section in my binder is the one where I keep all of our newsletters and schedules from the different clubs and groups we are in. This way I know exactly where they are and I can reference them when I need to.
  • The next section is where I keep phone numbers that I might need, but that don't necessarily need to make it into my address book.
  • Another section keeps those handy lists of tips you get in emails all the time. I know I'll never remember all of the neat ideas, so I print them out and stick them in my binder for future reference.
  • I have other sections for church related information as well as a section where I keep non-homeschooling information that we might need.

The nice thing about using a binder is that I can add or change sections whenever I need to. It is also easy to take with me to planning meetings and the like.

If you don't have a spot for a binder, or if you would like to do this in addition to your binder, you could keep one of those big desk calendars hanging on a centrally located spot. This works well if your binder needs to be located in a room other than your kitchen.  You may not be able to take it with you if you need to, but at least everyone will be able to see the activities that are scheduled for the month.

Since my husband, myself and some of our older children now have smart phones, I've tried an online family calendar.  This is definitely handy when I am out of the house and need to make an appointment.  The downside is that I now have a lot of calendars to mark things on and inevitably I forget to put an appointment/event on one of the calendars.  They are all handy, you just have to remember to keep them all updated!

No matter what method you use, you should have some sort of centrally located calendar that the whole family can see. It will allow everyone to keep up on activities and they won't always have to ask you what is going on that day.

Home organizing is essential for keeping the busy home school family on track and anything you can do to make that easier is definitely worth the time and effort.

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