Home School Curriculum:
An Overview

Just thinking about your home school curriculum can make your head spin.

Will you:

  • Sign on with an accredited school?
  • Buy books from one program but not sign up?
  • Use only Catholic books?
  • Design your own curriculum from a variety of sources?

There are so many good homeschooling textbooks and programs to choose from. As I said before, you have to decide what is going to work best for your family. If you still are unsure of your options, you can go and check out to my Homeschooling Methods page.

If you have decided to design your own curriculum, as our family has done, and need some recommendations, then you're at the right place.

Throughout this website, I will give you specific recommendations on:

  • Homeschooling textbooks that we like and use
  • Fiction and Non-fiction books that we have read and enjoyed
  • Educational games that we play
  • Tools and resources that have helped us along the way

Instead of having one big section on homeschooling curriculum, I've broken down the sections into subject matter. All you have to do is to go to whatever section you need help with and peruse the suggestions I have laid out for you.

I know it helps me to see what other people have used, so hopefully seeing what we have used and liked will help you, too.

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