My Homeschool Math Curriculum

The basic format I follow for my homeschool math curriculum is to use Math U See for grades K through 4th. This covers beginning math concepts for the kindergartner, then addition, subtraction, multiplication and division for the 1st through 4th grader.

I really like this program for kids trying to learn their basic facts because it teaches using all of the learning styles: auditory, visual and hands-on. Even I have learned some neat short cuts and tricks that I didn't know before. Although I don't use it for the upper grades, we have tried a few of the books and it did help me to "see" the why of Algebra. I was amazed and many times have hit my head and said "Oh, now I get it". If your child has a hard time grasping math and needs to see why things are done the way they are done, this would be a good program to check out.

Once the kids hit about 5th grade I switch over to Life of Fred math books. The first two books cover fractions and decimals/percents and can be done in one year if the student is able.

This series of books is great. Each book is written as a day in the life of a five year old university professor named Fred. Throughout the book, Fred encounters real life problems that he solves using math - such as fractional concepts for the fraction book and so on.

Life of Fred is meant to be a program that the student works through him/herself, so if your child likes to work on their own, then this would be a great series for him/her to tackle.

Once the kids are in 7th grade I have them do the new Life of Fred Pre-Algebra books. The first book covers topics in Biology in addition to pre-algebra, while the next book covers Economics and pre-algebra. They are a great lead-in to Beginning Algebra which I usually begin in high school.

Upon entering the high school years, their homeschool math curriculum continue to follow along in the Life of Fred series. There have been a few of my children who just don't get the way that Fred teaches and have a much harder time with math. If that is the case, I have them stick with Math U See until I feel comfortable (if ever) moving them back over to Fred.

I hope that reading through this has helped you in some way. If you still have questions about homeschool math curriculum, please feel free to contact me.

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