Homeschool Math

Homeschool Math. What do those words do to you when you hear them? Do you think, "I love math, I can't wait to teach it to my kids!" Or do your thoughts run more along the line of "How am I ever going to teach it to my children?"

Thinking back to my own experience, I remember that I was the kind of student who just wanted to know how a problem was solved, I didn't need to know why I was doing it that way. Teaching my own children has caused me to stop and discover the why of the problem and not just the how. I also remember liking math and I have to wonder why it is that all of my children dislike it! Is it just because it is hard sometimes and takes some effort?

It certainly can't be because I haven't tried a variety of programs. If there is one part of my home school curriculum that has had a lot of variety, it is this department. Over the years I have tried MCP, A Beka, Saxon Math, Math U See and Life of Fred for a variety of students and ages. My children would cringe when I would come home from the latest homeschool conference out of fear of what new math curriculum I might have found.

I really think, though, that math is a very individualized subject. Each of my children learns differently and each of the homeachool math curriculum available has a different style that will appeal to different types of learners. Finding the right mix might take a lot of trial and error. On the following pages I will try to give you a feel for a few of the different curriculums and who they might appeal to.

As far as my own family goes, I think that I have hit on a mix of homeschool math curriculum that works. I know that no two kids are the same, but I will offer you my recommendations in the event that they will help you to make that all important curriculum decision.

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