A Plan for Joy in the Home

"A Plan for Joy in the Home" is my answer to all of the Catholic homeschooling moms I meet who are overwhelmed by all that needs to get done. This workbook was born out of my desire to help these mothers make a plan for their day so that they can focus on more important things; like bringing joy to those around them.

There is nothing that can take joy away faster than a disorganized, harried mother. What school work needs to be done? Did I say my morning prayers? What is for dinner? My husband, who's he? Am I supposed to take time out for myself?

If these things sound familiar to you, chances are you are in need of a bit of organizing.

Through the use of this plan, you should find yourself much more in control of your day, and hopefully joy will come more naturally to you. The less stressed you are, the more joyful you can be and the more you can spread that joy to others.

To find out more about my book and to order your own copy click here.

This book originally began as a workshop because sometimes people need someone standing over them in order to get something done!

If this sounds like you, you might want to gather up some of your like-minded friends and host a workshop.

If you are interested in finding out more about hosting one for yourself and some of your friends, click here for more information.

Still need convincing?  Go here and check out what others have to say.  I can tell you it has helped many a homeschooling mother regain some sanity, but I'll let them tell you, too.

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