A Plan for Joy in the Home

"A Plan for Joy in the Home" is my answer to all of the Catholic homeschooling moms I meet who are overwhelmed by all that needs to get done. This workbook was born out of my desire to help these mothers make a plan for their day so that they can focus on more important things; like bringing joy to those around them.

There is nothing that can take joy away faster than a disorganized, harried mother. What school work needs to be done? Did I say my morning prayers? What is for dinner? My husband, who's he? Am I supposed to take time out for myself?

If these things sound familiar to you, chances are you are in need of a bit of organizing.

Through the use of this plan, you should find yourself much more in control of your day, and hopefully joy will come more naturally to you. The less stressed you are, the more joyful you can be and the more you can spread that joy to others.

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PLAN for Joy!

Don't just assume it is going to happen!  So many people think they can't live off of a schedule.  I will admit, rarely does my day go exactly as it was planned.  However, having a basic structure to your entire day will help you to keep things organized, keep your kids on track, keep you on track and will really help your day run much more smoothly.

The idea here is that you have a backbone or a spine to your day so that if you feel harried, you can look to your schedule and gain your barrings once again.  You definitely need to be flexible with this, but I cannot stress enough how important it is to have some sense of order to your day.

God is orderly.  Look around you and you can't deny it.  Why would He want us to be anything else? 

Organize the five basic areas of your life and then you don't have to think about them as much and can get on to thinking about more important things.

Let's take a look at your prayer life.

You need a daily chore chart!

I hope you realize the importance of meal planning

Let a good homeschooling schedule make your day flow better.

How am I going to get it ALL done?

Still need convincing?  Go here and check out what others have to say.  I can tell you it has helped many a homeschooling mother regain some sanity, but I'll let them tell you, too.

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