Saxon Math

Saxon Math...just say those words to someone and you will definitely get a reaction out of them. In my house, the reaction will not be very positive. I'm guessing that it is because there are A LOT of problems to do with each and every math lesson and there are A LOT of lessons in each book.

If your child really likes math and likes to tackle a lot of problems, then this might be a good fit with him/her.

There is a lot to be said for Saxon Math:

  • It is a very thorough math program. By the end of high school your child will have covered math at an in-depth level.
  • It utilizes the spiral reviewing method so you get a lot of review problems as well as new problems in each lesson
  • It provides a challenging curriculum if your student likes a good math challenge

I think the biggest negative I've heard is that there are so many problems to do and because of that most people I know (myself included when we used this program) was to only assign either the even problems or the odd problems. That cut each lesson down to only about 15 problems instead of 30.

We had been using Saxon for awhile when the D.I.V.E. CDs became available. There was one CD for each book and each lesson was taught via the computer using a "blackboard" that the "teacher" used to teach the lesson. It was both audio and visual so it really was beneficial to those learning styles, and it helped to lighten the load off of the parent. I would have to say that if you are considering using this math curriculum, you really should consider getting the appropriate D.I.V.E CD; it is worth the extra money.

If your child struggles with math, then this might be a slightly overwhelming program. If they can plow through it, however, they will get a very good math education.

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