The King of the Golden City

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I've devoted an entire page to "The King of the Golden City" for a few reasons:

1. It is an excellent story and a great resource to use with your children to teach them their faith.

2. I personally know Simonetta, who recorded this story for you all on CD, and I think she's done a top-notch job!

3. I'm in love with the story because Simonetta adapted it for the stage and our family was privileged to be a part of that production.

The first reason, however, is the one I'd like you to focus on. This story, written by Mother Mary Loyola in 1925, is an allegory of our rich Catholic faith. Mother Mary "hides" the treasures of our faith within the story so that kids and adults alike can find them.

This story is wonderful and can be read on so many different levels: from the beginning reader who might only see in it an enchanting story about a young girl named Dilecta, to an advanced reader who will pick up on the hidden components of the story.

The book tells the story of a young girl, named Dilecta, who meets the King in the forest one day.

She learns to do things to please the King and looks forward to his visits to her hut. She must, however, watch out for the three things that might harm her: Malignus, Self and the Triflers.

After many trials, Dilecta succeeds in learning all she needs to know to make it to the Golden City.

This book on CD is a wonderful resource to use for sacrament preparation. It would make a great gift for a First Holy Communion, or would be nice just to have around to listen to often.

Check out the St. Philomena Foundation to purchase this 2 CD recording of the book "The King of the Golden City" as read by Simonetta!

I hope you enjoy this story as much as we all do here!

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