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News from Catholic Homeschooling Resources, Issue #021 - Planning for the New Year
July 21, 2013

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Issue #21 - Planning for the New Year

In this Issue:

  • From Laura's Desk: Are you on the summer crazy train?

  • Homeschooling Tips and Ideas: An Annual Retreat
  • Book Recommendations: "Rapunzel Let Down"
  • New Product Announcements: Life of Fred Changes
  • Our Favorite Recipes: Smoothies
  • CHR Advertisers
  • From Laura's Desk

    Our summers seem to be busier than our school year! We just got off of a 1 1/2 month crazy train and now we're looking to have some downtime before August gets here and more things start up again. Most of our summer is spent attending some kind of camp or another. Four of the kids did a two week summer intensive for the drama/dance/music group they belong to. I went on a retreat, my son went to the Miles Christi boys camp, we threw in a vacation to the North Woods of Wisconsin and in another week we'll be participating in a four day Catholic Kids Camp that friends of ours have developed and which has become a huge hit with the community.

    While we've been crazy at times, I look at all these things as an extension of our school year. All of our options involve some kind of learning, whether it be in the Arts or in the spiritual realm. They ALL involve fun, so that makes it enjoyable for everyone.

    Downtime is important, too, and we've been able to have some of that in between the various activities. Last week we had a whole week of it as our a/c is broken and the heat and humidity were unbearable!

    Even though we might not do bookwork through the summer, I feel like we are schooling year round because of all of the other types of learning the kids get to be involved with during these more relaxed months. They are a nice break from the regular routine and this way, when the books roll back around, everyone is ready for that change of pace.

    I hope your summer has been a relaxing and fun one and that you're gearing up to start another successful school year.

    If you need help with organizing your life so that your school year gets off to a good start, don't forget to check out my book A Plan for Joy in the Home!

    Have a great August!

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    Homeschooling Tips and Ideas

    I just returned from my annual silent retreat last week and I would highly recommend a retreat to any mom who wants to get a boost in the spiritual department.

    I have done the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius with the priests of Miles Christi for the past 7 years and it has been wonderful. I look forward to this retreat every year.

    Many times people tell me that they just don't have the money for a retreat. We don't either, but we feel so strongly about this that when we get our income tax return, we immediately set aside enough money for both my husband and I to go on our respective retreats. This money cannot be touched, no matter what!

    If you can't do that, consider setting aside a small amount of money each week till you can build up your retreat fund. Also, many times you can put in for scholarships if you cannot afford to pay for the entire retreat yourself. There are so many things you can do that money should never be an obstacle to attending a good retreat!

    I would encourage you to look around your area and try to find a solid, spiritual retreat. If you're interested in the Spiritual Exercises, you can check out the Miles Christ website to see if there is a retreat in your area.

    Homeschooling is hard work and I think it is very important to have a solid spiritual life if you are going to be a peaceful homeschooler. Going on a yearly retreat is one good way of ensuring that success.

    Book Reccomendations

    Summer is a great time to catch up on that stack of books that is probably sitting somewhere in your house, on your Pintrest board, or in your head! I have to admit that I haven't gotten through many of the books that are on my list for the summer, but I am still hoping to make it a priority in the last remaining weeks.

    One book that I did read and want to recommend for your summer reading pleasure is the newest book by Regina Doman called "Rapunzel Let Down". If you aren't familiar with Regina's Fairy Tale Novels, then you need to be. She has written some incredible books that are updated versions of your favorite Grimm Fairy Tales. Notice I said Grimm and not Disney; these are based off of the original stories, not the Disney versions of them.

    "Rapunzel Let Down" is different from her other books in that it deals with more mature themes and is really written for the 18 and over crowd. It is a very good and captivating story about a 16 year old girl named Raphaela, who is essentially held captive by her mother in a tower at their summer home.

    One night she is visited by a teen age boy. The two become friends, and then more than friends, as he continually climbs the tower at night to visit her. Raphaela eventually finds her self pregnant and having to deal with a whole host of issues. I won't give away any more of the story, but will tell you that this is definitely a page-turning book.

    If you are looking for some good fiction to read this summer, I would highly recommend Regina's book. You can find out more about it and order your copy here.

    I don't make any money recommending this book, but I will say that I did take the cover photo of "Raphaela" so this book has a special place in my heart.

    Happy reading!

    New Product Announcements

    Anyone who has read this newsletter for awhile or who has liked my facebook page knows that we love the Life of Fred math book series. I continue to use this series with all my kids through high school.

    There is one change, however, that I'd like to announce and that is that I will not be purchasing any additional stock as it is just too hard for me as a small business to keep an adequate number of books in stock.

    That being said, I do still have most of the books still available and I'd love to sell them off! If you are considering purchasing any of the Life of Fred books, might I ask that you take a look at what I have left and purchase them through my website?

    Each page has the quantity that I have left and I will continue to update that as I sell the books off.

    Also, please feel free to pass this information along to others that you think might be interested.

    Here is the link to my general math page. You can click on any of the three Life of Fred links at the bottom of this page to see what books are available, as well as find out what information is contained in each book.

    I appreciate your help in this matter and I look forward to being able to bring you more NEW items in the coming months.

    Our Favorite Recipes

    With the warmer weather comes our desire for something cool to drink and snack on. I'm always at a loss for good, healthy snacks, so during the warmer months we experiment with smoothies. They're good, healthy for you and hit the spot on the days when the temperature is rising.

    Here are some combinations we've tried:

    milk, vanilla yogurt, frozen berries
    milk, vanilla yogurt, orange juice, frozen berries and frozen bananas
    almond milk, frozen bananas, almond extract, cocoa powder
    almond milk, chocolate protein powder, peanut butter, bananas, ice cubes

    There is an endless variety of combinations that are available, you just need to use your imagination. Smoothies make a great pick-me-up for those afternoon doldrums. Why not go to my facebook page and share your favorite smoothie recipe!

    CHR Advertisers

    I would like to draw your attention to the wonderful Catholic owned companies who are advertising on my site. Please take a moment to check them out and patronize them. It is so important to support other Catholic, small business owners. I hope you'll join me in doing that.

    Also, if you have a product or Catholic company that you would like to advertise on this page, you can fill out the form on this page and I'll contact you with the information you need to get started. The price is just $10 per YEAR and the perks are many! You'll get your listing on that page for one whole year, as well as at least one promotion on my blog and facebook page and a link to this page in all the newsletters I send out.

    It is so important to support good, Catholic owned companies! This is one way to help get the word out about where to find them. Please share this with others you know who have a Catholic business or product to sell.

    Comments, Feedback, Questions?

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    If you would like to see something in an upcoming issue, please feel free to let me know.

    Until next time, may God Bless you abundantly!

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