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News from Catholic Homeschooling Resources, Issue #024 - Ways to Jumpstart the Rest of Your Year
February 21, 2015

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Issue #24 - Ideas for Jumpstarting the Rest of Your Year

In this Issue:

  • From Laura's Desk: Is the Winter Weather Affecting Your Homeschool?

  • Homeschooling Tips and Ideas: Join this FREE on-line Catholic Conference
  • Book Recommendations: "Still That Girl" by Rebecca Dominick
  • Product Recommendations: All About Spelling
  • Our Favorite Recipes: Trim Healthy Mama and Easy Mexican Chicken
  • CHR Advertisers
  • From Laura's Desk

    I live in the Midwest, which means that we are deep into the heart of winter: cold, snow, endless gray days, more cold, more snow. Maybe you're one of the lucky ones who lives in an area where the weather is warm and sunny right now. If you are, share some of that joy with us!

    If not, is winter affecting your homeschool? About this time of the year I notice everyone getting a little bit more rambunctious and irritable because they have no way to relieve all of their pent-up energy, except to take it out on their siblings.

    Every year I say I'm going to mix things up during the month of February but as the kids get older and we have more in high school, it is a lot harder to disrupt their schedules.

    In this newsletter, I'm going to offer a few ideas I have for beating these winter doldrums. Anything that can refresh and renew you and your children will help you get through this next month or so before the weather warms up and the sun begins to shine again on a regular basis.

    P.S. I've decided, out of the necessity of busy schedules, to go quarterly with this newsletter. Thanks for taking the time to read it, and I'll see you again in a few months.

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    Homeschooling Tips and Ideas

    I am so excited about this upcoming opportunity for Catholic moms! March 6th thru 9th you have the FREE opportunity to listen to over 20 different talks designed to renew, revive and refresh your mind and spirit. What a great opportunity during Lent! All you have to do is go to Catholic Conference 4 moms and register yourself.

    Once you're registered, you will receive an email with a reminder to join in as well as links to all of the talks for that day. Every day you will have access to 5-6 talks, just as if you were at a live conference. What's different is that you can choose which talks you want to watch or listen to and when you you want to listen to them.

    After the conference is over, all of the talks will be available for purchase for one low price of $39.99 This will include online access to all the videos, as well as a download of every video presentation. Besides all of this, there will also be bonus downloads, PDFs, discussion questions, ebooks, and other goodies.

    On top of all that?? I have a coupon code that you can use so that you can get $10 off the conference package price! If you're interested in purchasing them, you can use the code: RESOURCES. Hang on to this code and when the page to purchase the package becomes available, use it and save!

    Did I mention prizes? No? Well, you also have the chance to win some prizes just for registering. Did I mention that my book "A Plan for Joy in the Home" is one of the ones you might win? Well then, consider it mentioned.

    I am really looking forward to spending some time refueling by listening to these great talks. Most of the talks are about 20 minutes, so that's not too long to duck into the bathroom to be alone, is it?

    I hope you are excited about this opportunity, too. Even if you can only listen to one or two a day, it is still a great way to be inspired. Just go to the website, Catholic Conference 4 Moms and register now!

    Book Reccomendations

    What's better to do on a cold, winter day than to curl up with a good book? If you can light a fire in the fireplace that's even better! Add a cuppa something hot and you've got it made.

    If you're looking for a good book to read for yourself, your teenager or as a read aloud, can I recommend Still That Girl by my 16 year old daughter, Rebecca?

    We were so excited for her to have this opportunity to publish her first novel through Rivershore Books. The novel is about a 13 year old girl named Katarina who comes from a large, Catholic family. She has a great life until, one day, tragedy strikes her family and Katarina has to overcome it, as well as the crisis to her faith that accompanies it.

    The book has been well received by people from ages 9 thru 99; boys and girls alike. We would be so honored if you would consider supporting her in her endeavors. The good news is, you also get a good book to read at the same time.

    If you have a teen who is interested in getting published, she'd love to answer any questions they might have. They can email her at

    Product Recommendations

    I am still amazed that after six children who love to read and who picked it up with very little effort, God has sent me my seventh child who is still struggling to read. Since we don't have a lot of money to spend on testing and such, I've had to do my own learning and my own research to learn how best to teach him to read.

    Many moms who have had similar children have encouraged me by saying that it just takes boys longer to learn sometimes. While I'm hoping that is the case, I can see that there have been certain things that we've needed to address specifically.

    After doing some research and talking to a lot of other moms, I came across "All About Spelling". I've been a big fan of "The Writing Road to Reading" for the past six kids, but I knew it wasn't working with my son. Even better, I found the first level at a used curriculum sale so I knew it was worth a try.

    We've been using it now for the past five months and I can say that I've definitely seen an improvement in his reading. I wasn't sure if helping him spell would help him read, but I think the key was in really learning how to segment the letters and their sounds. He's a good speller now and I'm seeing that transition into easier reading. He still has a ways to go, but I'm finally encouraged by his progress.

    I just wanted to put this out there in case any of you are struggling with children who have reading difficulties. In a nutshell, here is what I've learned over the years: 1. If anything, boys will be the ones who will be slower than girls in learning to read. This is not a given, of course. 2. Many times the slow reader will just need more time before the whole thing kicks in, but they'll still end up on par with their peers at a later date. 3. If nothing you try seems to be working, there is definitely a place for testing and outside help. Dyslexia, as well as a host of other learning problems, may truly be at the heart of the slow reading.

    Keep researching so that you are informed and then go talk to other moms who have run into similar issues. Getting recommendations from them are definitely the way to shorten the learning curve.

    Our Favorite Recipes

    It was back at the end of summer last year when I stumbled upon a book that changed the way I look at food. It's all about a way of eating that separates your carbs from your fats and, in the process, helps you to feel better and to loose weight. If you aren't already familiar with it, it's called Trim Healthy Mama. My girls and I decided to take the plunge and do it. It takes a bit to learn the program, mainly because, as Americans, every meal we eat is a mixture of carbs and fats, so it takes some time to sort though how to separate them.

    The book is great in that it gives the science behind why this works, how to do it yourself, and TONS of recipes to get you started.

    We're still eating a lot of the foods we like, just in different combinations. One of our new favorites is called Mexican Style Chicken.

    You won't believe how easy this is!

    Take your boneless, skinless chicken breasts and put them in the crockpot. Throw a large can of salsa or green chilies and tomatoes and let it cook on low all day.

    When you're ready to eat, take some low carb tortillas and toast them in the oven so they're nice and crunchy. Put some of the chicken (which by this point is literally falling apart) on top of the tortilla and load it up with shredded cheese, sour cream, jalapenos, olives, tomatoes...whatever you like. Eat and enjoy.

    I can't believe how easy and how good this is. Because the tortillas are low carb, they are under the limit for what you can mix with all that fat in the cheese and sour cream, etc.

    If you're looking for a way to eat that won't leave you feeling deprived but will help you to feel better and loose weight, I highly recommend checking out "Trim Healthy Mama".

    CHR Advertisers

    I would like to draw your attention to the wonderful Catholic owned companies who are advertising on my site. Please take a moment to check them out and patronize them. It is so important to support other Catholic, small business owners. I hope you'll join me in doing that.

    Also, if you have a product or Catholic company that you would like to advertise on this page, you can fill out the form on this page and I'll contact you with the information you need to get started. The price is just $10 per YEAR and the perks are many! You'll get your listing on that page for one whole year, as well as at least one promotion on my blog and facebook page and a link to this page in all the newsletters I send out.

    It is so important to support good, Catholic owned companies! This is one way to help get the word out about where to find them. Please share this with others you know who have a Catholic business or product to sell.

    Comments, Feedback, Questions?

    Here's your chance to send them to me. Just click here and type away! I appreciate your taking the time to read this newsletter and provide me with charitable feedback!

    If you would like to see something in an upcoming issue, please feel free to let me know.

    Until next time, may God Bless you abundantly!

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