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News from Catholic Homeschooling Resources, Issue #026 - Summer Break but Gearing up for Fall
April 21, 2017

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Issue #28 - It's Been A While!

From Laura's Desk

Hello There!

And welcome to all of the new people who have signed up since I've sent out my last newsletter. So much has happened in our lives since then, as I'm sure you can agree with in your own life! Things seem to move so quickly now that it is hard to keep up.

Just to recap, we currently have all seven children still living at home. Our oldest, 25, just got engaged and will be getting married in the summer of 2018! We are very excited about that.

Our next daughter, 23, is working part time and finishing up coursework at the local junior college.

Daughter number 3, 21, is currently in Washington DC at school in a deaf interpreting program. There is so much to be said about her experience in a small, liberal college in a big liberal city. We do enjoy visiting DC, though, and have made a few trips out there. As we always do, our time there is jam packed with trying to get in as much sight-seeing as possible.

The last four, ages 18 thru 12, are still at home and homeschooling. This year our fourth daughter will graduate from high school and is still unsure about what next year will hold for her.

Son #1, at 16, is learning to drive and has many opinions of his own that he loves to share! He is a research fanatic and we see a future on Jeapordy for him.

Our fifth daughter, 13, is finishing up eighth grade and will be moving on to the high school curriculum next year.

And our last son, 12, is finishing up sixth grade and has one year under his belt as a Type 1 Diabetic. It has definitely been a big change in his life and in our lives. Thank God for the technology we have to keep him healthy!

Two months ago we also added a puppy to the mix. He is such a good dog and it was a great time for our family to do this, as everyone is old enough to take part in loving him (and scooping his poop, too!).

I have gotten away from blogging because life got so hectic, and I think that I'll probably stick with that decision. I am planning on running a lot more information and videos through my business page Catholic Homeschooling Resources Facebook Page so feel free to like my page and follow it so that you can see what's going on. I've been involved in the direct sales industry for a year now (had to find a way to earn some extra cash for those medical bills) and I've learned a lot about social media so I plan to bring some of that to this page, too! More to come on that very soon!

Lastly,I just wanted to let you Texans know that I will be speaking at the San Antonio homeschool convention on April 29th at 1:00 pm. I'll have a table there, too, with a free gift for anyone who stops by and says hi! I'd love to meet you! Make sure you let me know that you're part of this email group, too.

Well, I hope that your year is going well and coming to a good close. I really hope to be here more often and keep you abreast on all of the new things I have planned. As always, feel free to let me know if there is something you'd like me to focus on!

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Until next time, may God Bless you abundantly!

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