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News from Catholic Homeschooling Resources, Issue #032 - Homeschooling your 1st High Schooler
May 26, 2017

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Issue #32 - Homeschooling Your First High Schooler

From Laura's Desk

We're holding our homeschool group graduation next Tuesday evening. This year is a big year for us as we'll have ten 8th grade graduates and nine high school graduates.

For some of you, you'll be graduating your first child into high school and I know from experience that that can be very intimidating. Some people are very comfortable signing up with one of the providers like Seton or Mother of Divine Grace. If that's you, great! you're done with your planning. If you don't want to do that and want to tailor your own program, here are some things to think about that might make the process of deciding what to do with them a bit easier.

While I know not everyone is cut out for college, you need to decide if you'll be pursuing a more college-prep set of coursework or a more trade type of curriculum. Once you've decided that, you can look at a couple of things. First, look at what your state requires for your high school student to have in order to graduate. Next, look at some post high school schools to see what their requirements are. That may be colleges or trade schools, depending on the direction you are looking at.

When my oldest was ready for high school, I looked at the requirements for my state and then checked out the curriculum of places like Seton and Mother of Divine Grace to see what they had for high school. I knew I didn't want to follow curriculum from a provider like that, but I wanted to get a good idea of the type of courses they had.

I also looked to various state and Catholic colleges to see what they wanted to see in their applicants. Once I had a good feel for all of that, I broke it down year by year to see what it might look like: 4 years of English, 2-3 years of math and science, 2 years of foreign language, etc.

I laid out my high school plan to be more of a college-prep plan and, for the most part, have stuck with it for all of my kids. I've made some adjustments along the way, but not many. My goal was to keep it as similar as possible for all of the kids because it would save me planning time every year and, let's face it, those high school textbooks are expensive, and if I didn't have to keep buying new books for each kid then it was that much better!

For the most part, then, all of my kids have followed the same curriculum for each of the four years of high school. It has made things flow very well and so far has not caused a problem with them entering college. Even though I'm not accredited and I make my own transcripts, they have not had any problems with admissions to this point.

Pre-planning so that you have a broad scope of the full four years is the key to setting up a good high school experience for both you and your student. I have a number of pages on my website about how to homeschool high school. A few years ago we even hosted a panel discussion with a variety of moms who have successfully graduated kids from highschool and all of their talks are there for you to listen to and to help you to organize your own thoughts.

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me and I'll be happy to help you.

Have a blessed Memorial Day weekend!

Laura Dominick

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