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News from Catholic Homeschooling Resources, Issue #033 - Transcript Tips
June 02, 2017

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Issue #33 - Tips for Transcripts

From Laura's Desk

Graduation went well and I am now the happy parent of another successfully graduated homeschool high schooler! Four down, three more to go!

That night we also had one of our homeschool moms retire after 31 years of homeschooling! Doesn't that blow your mind?? She is excited to be done, to say the least.

Now that all of the excitement has worn down I am faced with the task of wrapping up the school year. In Illinois we don't have to do any kinds of formal reporting, so for that I am grateful. Just in case this changes, however, I always make sure that I keep some of the kids' work, our lesson plan book and grading sheets. You never know when you might need something to back you up.

It's also when I take time to update the transcripts for my high school students. Doing it at the end of the year is so much easier than doing it at the end of FOUR years. My #1 advice to moms who are homeschooling high school students and who are not using a school where they keep your kids' transcripts is to make sure you update them at the end of every year!

I do my transcripts by subject heading and not by year. So, for instance, I have English I, II, III and IV listed with the corresponding grade. It is easier that way because subjects like math or science that might take some kids more than one year to complete don't have to be broken up between, say, Freshman and Sophmore year, they can just be listed under math or science. Does that make sense? I hope so :)

Try to make your transcripts look as neat and organized as possible so that prospective colleges can read them and find the information they need to find. Give them as much information as possible. You can even provide a list of books you've used or a list of books your student has read. Making it easy for them to see what your student has done will make them take his/her application more seriously and will, in the long run, help all homeschoolers by giving a good first impression.

Make sure to give them credit, too, for life skills or activities they may have participated in. Help around the house with cooking/cleaning/kid care? Home Ec credit. I have a friend who gives her children credit for things they learn in all areas of life and she calls it Life Skills I, II, III and IV. Our kids have participated in sports for gym credit and plays for drama credit. There are so many things that can be used as a learning opportunity for credit.

If you check out my homeschool transcript page you'll find a link to HSLDA where you can get templates for various types of transcripts, as well as a few other ideas about how to handle them.

Thanks for reading, and feel free to share this newsletter with other homeschoolers! The more the merrier :)

Have a great weekend!

Laura Dominick

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