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News from Catholic Homeschooling Resources, Issue #039 - $5 off, Free Shipping and a Raffle, oh my!
July 14, 2017

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Issue #39 - $5 Off, Free Shipping and A Raffle, Oh My!

I was so excited to see Lisa Bergman of St. Augustine Academy Press at the homeschool conference last week. I was so fortunate to take some photos for her book, "Treasure and Tradition: The Ultimate Guide to the Latin Mass". This book is a must have for every Catholic family.

She graciously donated a copy to me so that I can give it away to one of you! This book is so full of interesting information about the Mass, the church and the rich history of both. You and your family will learn so many cool things from it. We would just sit down together and read through a page or two at a time and soak up all of the information.

So how do you enter to win this Treasure?

From July 17th thru the 31st all you need to do is to buy a copy of my book "A Plan for Joy in the Home" from my website, "A Plan for Joy in the Home" and you will be entered into the raffle!

To make it even more enticing, I'm offering FREE SHIPPING as well as a sale price of $20!

Really, what would stop you from purchasing a book that will help revolutionize your everyday life?

Did you know there is even science to back up having an organized life? Yep. Your brain can only make so many decisions a day because it requires glycogen to make those decisions. Here's the cycle: you eat, you make glycogen, you use that glycogen to make decisions, you use up the glycogen until you eat again and repeat the cycle.

If you use up all your glycogen early on, or use it up for unimportant decisions, how are you going to most effectively make those big decisions?

The more you routinize the minor things in your day, the more you free up your brain to make the big decisions. You should not have to waste brain power every day agonizing over what to have for dinner or which chores should get done or even what school subject your kids should do next.

Have a plan, be flexible, save the brain power for the big stuff, because we all know there is big stuff that comes at us every day!

So order your copy of "A Plan for Joy in the Home" here and be entered into the raffle to win your free copy of "Treasure and Tradition" by Lisa Bergman.

PS If you order a copy of "A Plan for Joy" off of Amazon, I won't know who you are so I won't be able to enter your name in the raffle, so it's better (and cheaper for these two weeks) to order directly from me!

Have a great weekend!

Laura Dominick

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