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News from Catholic Homeschooling Resources, Issue #41 - Read Aloud and Notebooking
July 29, 2017

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Issue #41 Read Aloud and Notebooking - Is it all you need?

I read an article the other day from a homeschooling mom who stated that, other than a math curriculum, all you really need is read aloud and notebooking time. Hmmm. After reading how she does it, it made me want to call all of my children (some of whom are in their 20s) and tell them that we were doing this whole homeschooling thing all over again!

What a bold proclamation that you don't need workbooks, or textbooks or curriculum; that all you need are good books and some time to write.

I thought more about it and saw how well this fit into the whole morning basket concept. Going on this theory, your whole school time could be one big morning basket and then you'd be done. Well, done after you finished math that is.

It is a move that would take a lot of courage. It goes against what most people think about how school should work. But somehow, it struck a cord with me. This is what I had been wishing for all of those years, but never had the courage to do.

We did a lot of unit studies and that came close to this concept. In fact, I think unit studies are a great fit for this type of learning. It takes a much more relaxed approach but yet, the learning that happens is retained far better because it is related to something and not just an isolated lesson on a specific topic.

Wow, would you be brave enough to ditch the curriculum and just read and write with your kids? Think of how much fun that could be. Think of how much time you'd have for hands on learning activities and field trips.

Oh, that we could all be that free. If you've done this, I'd love to hear about your experience with it. I think we could all learn a lot from you.

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