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Mom's Breakfast

A Mom's Breakfast is a great way to provide an opportunity for homeschooling moms to get together without the kids and spend a leisurely morning discussing kids, school, their faith, struggles they are having or just to laugh together.

Every mom needs a break at some time; especially if you're at home with your kids 24/7. Once in awhile it is good to get together with other mothers and relax. Really, it is! Our homeschool group has organized these events over the years in a rather sporadic fashion.

A number of years ago we used to meet once a month at the same mother's house. Every one would bring a baked good or casserole and we would just eat and talk.

We have also set it up so that we would meet at a restaurant. This way no one had to feel under the gun to have their houses cleaned up.

Occasionally we would start the year off with a mother/daughter tea. It would be a very festive and formal occasion: beautiful place settings and your Sunday best. This was always a nice way to start out the school year.

I am aware of other groups that have a once-a-month mom's night out where they bring in a speaker and then socialize.

There are so many ways to get together for this much-needed socializing time. The most important thing, however, is that you do it! And make sure that it is without the kids and without the husbands. It is good to get out as a family and also just with your husband, however, if you're feeling like you need to have some time to just sit and visit with your friends, then I would highly recommend that you take the time to plan a Saturday morning Mom's Breakfast. Maybe it will even become a regular event!

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