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Our Homeschooling Gratitude Journal

Homeschooling is hard, but looking for things to be grateful for each day can make it better. Try my gratitude journal made just for homeschoolers!

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The Importance of Meal Planning

Do you struggle every day with dinner? Do you need some meal planning tips? Let me help you see the importance of Meal Planning

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A Plan for Joy in the Home

Have disorder, disruption and distraction taken over in your day? Then you need A Plan for Joy - a workbook for homeschooling mothers

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6 Top Homeschoooling Methods to Choose From

Now that you are pretty sure you are going to home school, you need to decide which homeschooling method you are going to use.

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Catholic Home School Programs and Accredited Schools

One option that many people choose when deciding to home school is to sign up with one of the Catholic home school programs, some of which are accredited.

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St Ignatius Catholic Unit Study

Learn about St Ignatius and the Renaissance Era in this fascinating four weekCatholic unit study.

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St Kateri Catholic Unit Study

Want to learn more about St Kateri and the Mohawk Indians? Here's an exciting three week homeschooling unit study that will do just that.

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