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Homeschooling Activities for Your Homeschool Group

Is your homeschool group looking for some new homeschooling activities? If you are, then click here because I've created a section about activities that have become yearly events for our group.

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Religious Orders of Interest

Are you considering a religious vocation or looking for information on religious orders. Here are some great sites to get you started.

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Homeschooling High School Panel Discussion

Six mothers who have experience with homeschooling high school got together for a panel discussion. Learn from them here

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Homeschooling for High School Book Choices

It sometimes help to see which books other people use when they are homeschooling for high school. Here are our top choices.

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My Homeschool High School Curriculum

A lot of people ask me what my homeschool high school curriculum is so I've decided to lay it out here to help you if you are discerning your high school curriculum.

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Homeschool High School - Sarah's Experience

Sarah is a recent graduate from homeschool high school who is planning on attending Christendom College. She writes about her homeschooling experience from Illinois.

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Homeschool High School - Laura's Experience

Laura writes from Illinois as a graduate from homeschool high school.

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