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Throughout this website you will encounter links for affiliate programs that I am involved with. If you purchase items/services through these links, it costs you nothing additional and I receive a small payment.

Are you like me and want to support good, Catholic owned companies? Whenever I can, I like to support fellow Catholics by buying their products or using their services.

There are a lot of Catholics in business for themselves - most of them are small business owners trying to support their families. I can relate to that, we're one of those families. Please, when you encounter a Catholic business, don't assume that they are in it as their ministry.  If they are, they will let you know.  Otherwise, they're in it because they love their faith but they also need to support their family, so be happy to support them and help them support their family.

The companies I have listed here are all companies that have products that I feel good about promoting.  I have joined forces with them to help bring you the best in Catholic products.  If you click on a link and then purchase something you are helping three groups:

  1. Your family because you just purchased something awesome
  2. The Catholic company you bought from because you helped their bottom line for the months and
  3. Mine because when you purchase from them I, as an affiliate, receive a small fee for helping them promote their products.

I hope you'll take a moment to browse the companies listed and check out what they have to offer. Not only do we need to support small businesses, which are the backbone of our country, but we need to support our fellow Catholics!

Catholic Owned Companies
that I am affiliated with

I've just recently partnered with St. Anne's Helper, although I've been checking out all of their wonderful items for quite some time now.  St. Anne's beautiful items to help you in your First Holy Communion and Confirmation prep, including DVDs, copy work pages and prep booklets.  They also have some beautiful coloring pages that you can print. 

Click here to visit

Pam Barnhill is a Catholic author and speaker that I had the privilege to meet when we both spoke at the San Antonio homeschool conference.  She has some amazing products that I have highlighted on my website included her "Morning Basket Guide" and her "Plan Your Year" program.  She has awesome podcasts that you'll want to check out, too.

Catholic Ad Net is a great alternative to Google Ads, where you never are quite sure what is going to pop up on your website.  As they say, "CatholicAdNet is a network of Catholic and family friendly websites, reaching millions of users per month. We use a variety of technologies to target and optimize ad campaigns for both our advertisers and our publishers. We place Catholic, family friendly ad content, allowing our customers to concentrate on sharing their story and brand with confidence."

If you have a Catholic product or company that you have an affiliate program for and would like me to help you promote it on my website and Facebook page, just fill out the form below and I'll contact you and we'll get started!

I look forward to hearing from you!

Let's do all we can to support good, Catholic owned companies!

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