Cookie Exchange

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Every year our homeschool group has a moms' Christmas cookie exchange. We usually hold it a few days before Christmas. The exchange is held each year at the same mom's house and she provides us with a very peaceful atmosphere. Her husband and kids leave us moms alone, but not until they have heated up some apple cider and water for tea and set out a simple array of snacks for us to munch on.

Once everyone has arrived, we gather around their Christmas tree and pray the rosary. We have had some very powerful rosaries prayed during this event. The heart-felt intentions that are poured out are very moving. We usually end the prayer time with the Litany of Loreto.

Now the fun begins! Anyone who is interested brings a batch of homemade Christmas cookies. We usually recommend 6 dozen, but any amount will do. These are all displayed on the table.

Note: it is important to bring an empty container with you so you can have something to put your chosen cookies in.

Everyone who has brought cookies walks around the table and chooses the number of cookies equal to the number they brought. For example, if you brought 6 dozen you get to take home 6 dozen. It might not work out perfectly every time, and quite often you lose count of how many cookies you've picked up, but no one seems to mind.

Even though this is held a few days before Christmas, it provides us with an evening in which we can relax, pray and socialize in a quiet atmosphere.

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