Daddy Daughter Ball

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Our home school group's annual Daddy Daughter Ball is one event that all of the girls, and even the dads, look forward to every year. We usually hold this dinner/dance in either January or February. We usually try to keep it out of Lent, so sometimes it ends up being fairly early in the year.

The evening consists of a dinner made by the moms and served by some of the moms of the group. We've tried having the young boys (usually between the ages of 8 and 12) to serve as bus-boys but that hasn't gone very well (think bored boys running around and getting into mischief), so now the moms take care of all of the serving and cleaning up. There are plenty of fancy decorations and soft lighting to make any gymnasium look good.  Each year we add a new little something to keep it new. 

Essentially we have enough decorations for two different themes:  a Valentine's Day theme and a Snow Ball theme.

Usually before dinner, the MC introduces the dads and their daughters. Each family walks down the designated aisle to their table. Dinner is then served buffet style, with lots of good food to go around.

During and after dinner, I'm set up as a photographer to take formal and candid photos of the girls and their dads.  This has been a very fun experience over the years because even the most shy girl gets up there eventually and has some fun photos taken.

The dancing portion of the evening begins after dinner and dessert are over. The music has ranged from a string quartet to someone's compilation of music CDs. It doesn't matter, everyone loves to dance.

We have several dances we do every year such as the Jewish dance and the prayer song from "Fiddler on the Roof", Cotton-Eyed Joe, the Virgina Reel and the broom dance.

We look forward to this event every year.  I know my girls have always enjoyed dressing up in their party dresses and doing up their hair for this special occasion with their Dad. Once the girls are about 2 or 3, they get to attend. One year a family surprised their father and all of his married daughters and daughter-in-laws, as well as the ones still at home, showed up to enjoy the evening, making a total of 11 girls for that one dad.

If you are looking for a fun, wholesome event to bring families together, I would definitely recommend hosting a Daddy Daughter Ball.

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