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Disadvantages of Homeschooling?
I didn't know there were any!

1. Socialization

Usually one of the first disadvantages of homeschooling that people mention is the socialization issue. Now I know that I put this on the advantages of homeschooling page, but let me explain why this issue can fall on both sides. Most of the time that people bring this up, they seem to have the impression that a home schooled child is stuck in her house and has very little contact with the outside world, let alone people her own age. With the majority of families, this just is not true. At first it might be hard to find other homeschoolers in your area, but keep looking, they are definitely out there. Find a good home school group and start getting together with other families. Also, just because your child is homeschooled doesn't mean that they cannot have friends that are not. Eventually, however, most homeschooled kids tend to gravitate towards other homeschooled kids.

Sometimes homeschool groups cover a broad geographic area. If there is a disadvantage to homeschooling as far as socialization is concerned, this is where it lies. When a group covers a large area, it might happen that your child decides to become good friends with someone who lives farther away and not right around the corner. While homeschooling allows for more flexibility in socializing, you may just have to drive a little farther to do it.

2. Time

Another one of the potential disadvantages of homeschooling involves time. Home schooling requires that one parent be available to school the children. This means that it becomes difficult, though not impossible, for this parent to hold down a full time job. It also means that time must be spent preparing for and teaching each subject and lesson, which in turn means that the parent who is doing the teaching does not have a lot of time to pursue personal interests. While this is one of the disadvantages of homeschooling, in the end, all of the time and effort put into homeschooling are well worth it.

Truth be told, some days the amount of time you spend with the children can be considered one of the disadvantages of homeschooling. Hopefully these days will be far and few between, but they do happen. If that is the case, you could call a teacher's institute day and spend some time in prayer reviewing what, if anything, can or should be changed. Another option might be to do something out of the ordinary, like go on a field trip, play outside, or, if you can pull it off, get away by yourself for a little while. This usually is all that is needed to start again fresh the next day.

3. Money

Depending on how many children you have or the homeschooling route you choose to take, the amount of money you could end up spending might be considered one of the disadvantages of homeschooling. While home schooling usually costs more than sending the children to the public school, it almost always costs less than sending them to a Catholic school. There are many ways that you can homeschool on a tight budget; sometimes all it takes is a little bit of creativity. Your homeschool group would be a good way to start finding out about how to do it. Pick people's brains that have kids older than yours. Ask them how they try to save money while homeschooling all of their children. I bet they will be more than happy to share their secrets with you.

4. Household Upkeep

Well, I'll say it now, if you like to have your house in perfect order, then either lower your standards or be prepared to be frustrated! Unfortunately, keeping up with your house becomes a lot tougher once you start home schooling, which why it could be considered one of the cons of homeschooling. This is especially true if most of your children are rather young and are not able to do many chores around the house. Once your children get older, if you have trained them to help starting at a young age, then keeping up on the household duties becomes a bit easier.

In Conclusion

See, there really aren't that many disadvantages of homeschooling, and the ones that do exist can be worked through with some help and creativity. The only one that is very difficult to work around is if you do not have the support of your spouse. Without that, home schooling can be very difficult. Even discouragement from family members shouldn't upset you. Give them time and they will see that your children have turned out to be educated, polite, well-adjusted young people.

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