Annual Graduation Mass

Our annual graduation mass came about as a result of something very natural - the fact that we all started having enough kids that were old enough to graduate!

This has been an annual tradition in our homeschool group now for a number of years. We hold this mass and ceremony for graduates from both eigth grade and high school. It is so exciting to see the kids reach this milestone. Most of our homeschooling triumphs are not known by anyone other than the family. It is great to get all the kids together to honor them and to show the homeschooling community and their extended families what they have accomplished.

Every year we form a committee of parents whose children are graduating. One parent usually heads up the committee and is in charge of overseeing all of the tasks.

What exactly happens is up to this committee of parents, but typically these are the things that are included in the event:

  • One parent is in charge of making sure that all graduates who want to wear a cap and gown have a cap and gown.
  • Another parent is put in charge of ordering the gradation ribbons, tassels and diploma covers for any graduate who wants them.
  • Each family is in charge of making or ordering their own diploma.
  • The reception is planned, including a graduation cake and flowers for each graduate and their parents.
  • A centrally located church is secured and a priest is found to preside over the Mass and ceremony. If possible, we like to invite our Auxiliary Bishop. He likes homeschoolers and has always enjoyed participating in this event.
  • Some years we have hired a professional photographer to come and take pictures for families during the reception.

The evening consists of Mass, the handing out of diplomas and a reception afterwords. During the Mass, the graduates are assigned the reading, the petitions and the presentation of the gifts. At the end of Mass, each graduate is called forward and is handed their diploma by the presiding priest or bishop.

After the closing of the graduation mass, we take a group photo and then move over to the reception where we all get to eat cake and snacks. On occasion, the graduates have been known to step outside and throw their caps into the air.

Overall, this annual graduation mass is a very nice way to honor our graduates and congratulate them on all of their hard work. It is a nice close to that chapter of their lives.

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