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gratitude journal

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Homeschooling is hard and sometimes it seems like nothing ever goes the way we planned.

The more you get caught up in the negative, the more you want to give up. 

Being intentional about gratitude, however, can really turn things around. Using a gratitude journal made specifically for your homeschooling journey is a great way for you to focus on the good things that are going on each day in your homeschool.

The Benefits of a Gratitude Journal

We all know that gratitude is a good thing to have. Being grateful for the big and little things that God sends you each and every day can have a positive effect on many aspects of your life.

  1. You will be happier because it is difficult to be sad and grumpy when you have a grateful heart.
  2. Studies have shown that grateful people have less stress and even sleep better than people who are not grateful.

Keeping a gratitude journal specifically about your homeschooling will allow you to focus on the positives in your day instead of the negatives.

Even when the day seems like a total waste, sitting down for a few minutes to search for three things, no matter how little they seem, that you can be grateful for will really change your outlook on the day.

If you can pick three good things to write about in your journal, maybe you won't be so quick to write the day off.

Just taking those few minutes to stop and reflect will calm you down. Doing this day after day will help you to stay calm and, more importantly, will get you to start looking for those good things ahead of time!

Think of what an amazing effect it will have on your attitude, and then the attitude of your kids, if you're seeking out positive things each day.

The transformation will be amazing.

How to Keep a Homeschooling
Gratitude Journal

I've published this journal to make it easy for you to use each day; simply keep it by your other homeschooling books so that you remember to use it each day.

At the end of your homeschool time each day follow these easy steps:

  1. Take out your book, "Our Homeschooling Gratitude Journal" and whatever fun pen you've decided to write with.
  2. Make the sign of the cross and ask God to help you to see up to three things that happened today that you can be grateful for. Sometimes this part will go quickly and other days you might be there for a few minutes! Don't despair, you'll find something to be grateful for, I promise!
  3. Open to a new page, write the date at the top and then enter the three things you're giving thanks for.
  4. Occasionally look back over a few pages to remember some of the good times you've had this year.
  5. At the end of the school year, use your journal to see the progress you made. It can also help you to see what worked for your kids and what didn't. 
  6. Give thanks to God for the many blessings He has bestowed on you!

Live a Life of Gratitude

Living a life of gratitude isn't always easy, but practicing it in small ways every day is a great way to make it a habit.

Writing about things you are grateful for every day helps to solidify this habit and to make gratitude your go-to emotion.

This journal is the tool you need to help make this happen. 

It's never too late to get started so get yours today!

gratitude journal

The secret of happiness is to live moment by moment and to thank God for what He is sending us every day in His goodness.” 

~St. Gianna Beretta Molla

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