Home Organizing Tip #3
The Laundry

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Home Organizing tip #3 deals with that beast we all refer to as the laundry. Nothing can bring down the spirits of mother than being faced each week with an unruly, overbearing hamper full of laundry.

I struggled for a long time with how to keep up with my laundry. The biggest hurdle I had was the sorting. It seemed that I could never get that laundry hamper sorted into piles in time to get everything washed. On top of that, I would try to wash all of the clothes in one day. AAAHHH! Pretty soon there got to be too many of us to keep up with that.

I would often find myself in the home of other large, homeschooling families. Being one to take advantage of an opportunity, I would usually ask them about their laundry. I found that most people handle their laundry in one of three ways:

  • They wash it all in one day - usually this happens in smaller families, though.
  • Each child is assigned a day to do his/her laundry. If you decide to slack off on your day, I've been told, then you have to wait a whole week before you get a chance to wash your laundry again!
  • One or two loads are done per day on an ongoing basis.

This last one seemed like it might work for us, however I still had to conquer the whole laundry-sorting issue.

Implementing the Laundry Home Organizing Tip

Somewhere along the line I learned about having a bin for each of the different loads of laundry you do.  In our house that means five bins - light colored clothes, dark colored clothes, towels, cold water clothes and Dad's work clothes. This way, the laundry is already sorted for you. It takes awhile to train everyone as to which clothes go into which basket, but it is worth the time.

Once I got the bins in place, it was easy to take this home organizing tip and tame the laundry beast. I decided to do the:

  • light load on Monday
  • dark load on Tuesday
  • cold water clothes on Wednesday
  • towels on Thursday
  • Sheets or Misc loads on Friday
  • work clothes on Saturday

Depending on the load and the season, there might be more than one load of that type to do per day. I also love to hang my clothing outside on our clothes line as much as possible.  This makes doing lots of laundry a lot more economical.

I have been following this plan for years and I have to say that this has worked great for our family. The laundry is no longer a burden, and since everyone knows the system, everyone can pitch in and help.

As you know, lightening the "load" in one area can make a big difference to a home school family!

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