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Plan Your Year

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There is so much in the way of home schooling curriculum out in the marketplace now that it really behooves you to have a plan, as well as a long-term vision for your homeschool, before you start to purchase your books and homeschooling items.

You will have to make many decisions  before you even get started teaching.  You really should know why you are homeschooling.  Then you need to decide how  you will school your children.  Will you:

  • Sign on with an accredited school?
  • Buy books from one program but not sign up?
  • Use only Catholic books or consider secular or Christian based books?
  • Design your own curriculum from a variety of sources?

There are also a lot of good textbooks and programs to choose from. As I said before, you have to decide what is going to work best for your family. If you still are unsure of your options, you can go and check out to my Homeschooling Methods page.

One thing I think I did wrong when I started homeschooling my kids was to not have a long-term vision of what I wanted our adventure to end up like.  Having goals for the kind of kids I wanted at the end of high school would have been helpful.  I also think that having written goals for each child for each year would have been beneficial, too. 

A helpful resource that I've teamed up with is Pam Barnhill's "Plan Your Year - The Course". 

It is such a good accompaniment to my book "A Plan for Joy" that I'm excited to offer it to you as an affiliate. 

plan your year

There are so many amazing resources here that will help you to:

  • set goals for your homeschool
  • set goals for each child
  • decide if you want to incorporate a block or a loop schedule into your day
  • create a book list 
  • and so much more!

The program comes with a lot of forms that will help you to really get a grip on what you want your homeschool to look like. 

The nice thing is that "Plan Your Year" helps you with the school portion of your day and "A Plan for Joy" helps you to organize that plan into the plan for your life. 

The two programs work very nicely together, so I hope you'll check them both out!

Home Schooling Curriculum
by Subject

Now that you've planned your year and organized your life, you need to look at ideas for curriculum choices.  Instead of having one big section on home schooling curriculum, I've broken down the sections into the various types of subject matter. All you have to do is to go to whatever section you need help with and peruse the suggestions I have laid out for you. I have always tried to include items that I have used so that I can give you my honest opinion about them.

If I happen to have something listed that I haven't tried, or that a close friend has tried, I will let you know.  I know it helps me to see what other people have used, so hopefully seeing what we have used and liked will help you, too.

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