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Since you are here, you are probably looking for some homeschooling facts and statistics to help you either make up your mind that homeschooling is, in fact, right for you and your family or to back you up when you tell your friends and family that you are going to homeschool.

As I said before, the decision to home school is not one to be made lightly. Therefore, it is in your best interest to explore these homeschooling statistics so that you can make an informed decision.

The first thing you are probably thinking about is, "How are my kids going to stack up academically?" Good question.

In 1997, Dr. Brian Ray did a study involving 5,402 home schooled students entitled "Strengths of Their Own: Homeschooling Across America". It was a major study that gave a lot of promising statistics on homeschooling.

Dr. Ray found that, on average, home schooled students outperformed their public school peers by 30 - 37% in all subject areas.

In 1991, the Home School Legal Defense Association conducted a study of 5,124 homeschooled students and found that they scored, on average, 18 - 28 points above public school students on the Stanford Achievement Test.

Study after study confirms the same thing. In addition, homeschooling has been going on long enough, now, to show for itself that it works.  For a more detailed look at the homeschooling statistics found in the above two studies as well as other studies that have been conducted, check them out at:
HSLDA Studies

Dr. Brian Ray's studies

Dr. Ray also found out some interesting homeschooling facts on homeschoolers themselves.

He found that kids that had been homeschooled for more than two years did better than kids that had been homeschooled one year or less. Most impressive was the fact that kids who had been homeschooled from the beginning had the highest academic achievement of all.

Dr. Ray also noted that, as far as achievement in homeschooling is concerned, race does not matter. In the public school system, however, there is a sharp contrast in achievement between students of different races.

Another noteworthy homeschooling statistic is that on average it costs about $600 per student to homeschool, while it costs the public school system about $5,500 per student. Since homeschooled students consistently outperform public school students on average, Dr. Ray concluded that spending more money does not necessarily mean a better education.

He also found that the whether a state had many regulations on home schoolers, or very little to no regulations, there was no impact on the performance of the homeschooled students.

The NHES (National Household Education Survey Program) conducted its own survey on homeschoolers in both 1999 and 2003. They provide us with some basic demographic statistics on homeschooling.

In 1999 they estimated that there were 850,000 homeschooled studentes in the United States. By 2003 that number had risen to approximately 1.1 million homeschoolers. (A study as recent as 2012 found that there are over 2 million children being homeschooled!).

They also noted that 2/3 of the parents surveyed home school either because of concern about the environment in the schools or for religious or moral reasons.

More and more you will find articles in the newspapers and blurbs on TV about homeschooling. Whether it is about a homeschooler who just got accepted by five of the most prestigious Universities in America, or about a homeschooler who won the National Spelling Bee, the media is taking notice of the accomplishments of homeschoolers. It is becoming a lot easier to find homeschooling facts and homeschooling statistics to back up what it is you are thinking; that Catholic homeschooling is definitely a viable option to what the public, and sadly even the private, school systems have to offer.

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