Our Book Choices for
Homeschooling for High School

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When homeschooling for high school, I think it helps a lot to see what books other people use. High school books are expensive so you don't want to make too many mistakes since that can add up rather quickly.  I've tried a lot of different books for the grade school years, but for the most part, my high school book choices have pretty much stayed the same; not just out of financial necessity, but because we've been pretty happy with them.

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I definitely recommend anything from the Institute for Excellence in Writing. We've been using it for a few years now and it has been excellent. For American Literature I follow the Mother of Divine Grace syllabus. Grammar is composed of lessons from the book Easy Grammar Plus and for vocabulary we use

"Vocabulary Cartoons".


We have used all of the Life of Fred books for some of the kids, while others have done better using Teaching Textbooks.

Foreign Language

We have used Rosetta Stone for French and recently used Duolingo for Spanish for our high school students.   Junior college courses are a good option to consider for this subject.

Natural Science

high school curriculum

We've used Mother of Divine Grace for Earth Science and Apologia for all of the rest of our Science courses.  I really like the way the author of the Apologia books teaches.  While each course is A LOT of work, the author approaches it in a very conversational way.

Social Science

For both American History and World History we use the Anne Carroll books.  I follow the MODG syllabus for American Literature/History because it ties both the history and literature together.  I also like that there are workbooks to go with both of them.  For World Geography we have "The Ultimate Geography and Timeline Guide".  My student and I will lay out the program and determine what projects will get done over the course of the year.  For American Government, I follow the A Beka program, mainly because it is very thorough and comes from a Christian perspective. 


This subject is so important in our homeschooling for high school that I've written a whole page just about it.  Check out my curriculum recommendations here.

For the rest of the credits (Fine Arts, Practical Arts, Electives, Phys Ed) there are no particular books that I've used over and over again.  They definitely vary based on the student and the situation.

I hope that this has helped you to get an idea of what is available for your curriculum choices for homeschooling for high school.  Like I said before, a lot of these books are expensive, so it helps to get good recommendations before you invest your money in them.

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