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Panel Discussion on
Homeschooling High School

For years people have been asking me about homeschooling high school.  There's so much to cover about it that I finally decided to organize a panel discussion with other moms that I know who have also graduated their children from their high school homeschool. 

I decided on six moms with a variety of homeschooling backgrounds.  Some of us make up our own curriculum, some use programs like Seton, some have used both the public high school and the junior college for their children.  Overall, I think we provided a good look at how much variety there can be.

There really isn't one best way when homeschooling highschool.  The methods vary just like families vary.  You certainly cannot compare what you do with what others are doing.  That will certainly lead to frustration.  What you can do, however, is to talk to other mothers who have been there, tried that, made that mistake, had that success, and then learn from them.  Take in all of the information, keep the items that work for your family and then throw the rest out the window.  Have confidence that you know what is best for your student and then go for it.

Another word of caution.  You will NEVER have the perfect high school experience.  You will mess things up.  You will forget things.  There will be gaps in your child's highschool education.  But guess what?  It is no different than if you sent your child to a public or private school.

That being said, I hope that you can glean some good information from one or all of the talks about homeschooling high school I have included below.  They are mp3 files that you can download onto your computer or device and take with you to enjoy at your own pace.  Take notes and return to them again for a refresher course.  I've given a summary about each of the speakers and the main focus of their talk to help you decided where to begin.

Homeschooling High School
Moms Tell All!

Barb and Sarah

Barb has four children and has homeschooled them all from birth through high school.  Her second oldest daughter, Sarah, joins her in her talk to give you a different perspective.  Barb has always used her own curriculum and thinks of homeschooling as a way of life.  Her main goal has always been to teach her kids to have a love for learning.

Sarah graduated from their homeschool and went on to be a graduate of Christendom college.  She talks about what she feels are some important things to learn when homeschooling highschool that will help to prepare you for college.

You can listen to their talk here.


Doris is the mother of nine children and has been homeschooling for over 20 years.  She has homeschooled all of her children using Seton; from K thru 12th grade.  A few of her children have gone to a local Catholic high school for all or part of their four years, so she brings that perspective to the talk.  Three of her children, so far, have gone on to college.  She is big on accountability and the importance of having her husband step in as principal when needed.

You can listen to her talk here.

Laura B

Laura B has ten children and has been homeschooling for over 30 years.  She has always developed her own curriculum and has focused a lot on life skills.  When developing her transcripts, she follows the philosophy of "thinking outside the box".  Some of her children have gone on to college, while others have decided to go right to work.

You can listen to her talk here.

Laura D.

Laura D (that's me) is the mother of seven children and has been homeschooling for over 20 years.  I have always used my own curriculum.  My talk focuses on why you are so worried about homeschooling high school:  what happens afterwards.  I hear from a lot of moms who are just scared to do this because they are afraid to mess this up.  I spend some time giving my thoughts, and encouragement, on that topic.

You can listen to my talk here.


Sue has six children, some of who were not homeschooled, some who were partially homeschooled and one who was completely homeschooled.  She talks about this variety in her talk.  She used Seton for her completely homeschooled daughter and is very glad that she did.  If you are interested in Seton, but afraid of what you might have heard, hers is a good talk to listen to.

You can listen to her talk here.


Theresa has 11 children and has been homeschooling for over 27 years. She has used Kolbe in the past but has also put together her own curriculum.  She discusses the importance of the spiritual aspect of your journey in teaching your teens.  She has also had children who have attended the local junior college while still in high school.

You can listen to her talk here.

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