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Catholic Homeschooling
Unit Studies

Homeschooling unit studies are a great way to incorporate learning a lot of subjects with a variety of aged students. We made the switch to more unit studies in our curriculum when I realized that workbooks weren't working for everyone and I was spending too much of my day policing everyone instead of teaching them.

Let's face it.  We only have so much time in any given day.  There are many things that need to get done, so that limits the amount of time that we can spend on school.  Therefore, you need to decide how much time you're going to spend doing school and then find the most efficient way to cover the material you need to cover with all of the kids that you are schooling.  Unit studies help you to do that.

If you haven't checked out my page on the benefits of unit studies, feel free to take a break and go do that here. I'll be waiting for you to return!

The next thing I realized was that there aren't many (if any) already made up unit studies that are specifically Catholic! Yes, you can take other unit studies and add your own Catholicism to it, but if you're looking for something that is pre-made and authentically Catholic, then I think I have the solution for you.

It all begins with our first Catholic unit study about the late, great, and now St. Pope John Paul II. My oldest three daughters had to do something called a "major work" for a girls' club they were in, so we decided they would write a unit study on St. John Paul II.

This got me to thinking that there should be a series of unit studies based on the great saints of our faith. Therefore, what will follow (all in due time, of course) is a series called "Saints Through the Centuries". Each unit study will be centered on one saint and will cover a variety of different subjects over a three to four week time frame.

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Each link below will take you to a specific page that will lay out the details for the homeschooling unit study as well as give you pricing and the ability to order a downloadable copy.

Catholic Homeschooling Unit Studies
Currently Available

St. John Paul II Unit Study

St. Ignatius and the Renaissance Era Unit Study

St. Kateri and the Mohawk Indians Unit Study

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