St. John Paul II
Catholic Unit Study

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John Paul II, homeschooling unit studies

St. John Paul II - The Greatest Pope of the 20th Century - and some might argue the greatest of all times. If you would like to find out more about the life of this great Pope, then you will want to get this four week Catholic unit study!

This homeschooling unit study covers:

  • The Pope's early years in Week 1
  • His Pre-Papacy time in Week 2
  • And the years of his pontificate in Weeks 3 and 4

What You'll Find in the
St. John Paul II Unit Study

During this unit study the students will tackle activities and assignments in:

  • Geography
  • History
  • Reading and Comprehension
  • Sports
  • Fine Arts
  • Art and Music
  • Religion
  • As well as Family Fun ideas, read aloud books and ideas for a unit study wrap-up party

Here is an example of some of the interesting things you will cover:


St. JPII was the most traveled Pope ever. Find out how many countries he visited (about 130). Make a time-line of the major countries he went to, including how many times he visited each country, which cities he went to and when he visited them. Keep studying the culture you selected on Week 3 Day 1. Today, why don’t you look up the types of food they eat.


In 1981, an attempt was made on the life of St. JPII. The almost-assassination occurred on May 13th, the anniversary of the first visit of Our Lady of Fatima. Did he feel that Our Lady saved his life? How did the assassination attempt happen? Who tried to assassinate the Pope?


The polka is a popular dance in Poland and Eastern Europe. Find a video online or at your local library and learn the steps – they aren’t that hard! When you’re comfortable dancing, find some polka music and hit the dance floor!

Fine Arts

Write a skit, make a diorama, study photography and take photos like you lived back in the 1930s.  There are many activities to help develop fine art skills in this unit study.

This unit study is a great way to study Polish and Eastern European history, as well as a very modern Saint. 

The pdf version of this Catholic unit study can be purchased NOW for only $8. Just click on the BUY NOW button below.

Additional Books

There are a few books and DVDs that you will need that go along with this unit study.  If you purchase them through these links I will receive a small stipend to help keep this website going!  

Pope John Paul II: Young Man of the Church by George E Stanley

Lolek – The Boy Who Became Pope John Paul II  by Mary Hramiec Hoffman & Mark Hoffman

Pope John Paul II starring Jon Voight, Cary Elwes, Ben Gazzara, Christopher Lee and James Cromwell

Karol: A Man Who Became Pope starring Piotr Adamczyk, Malgorzata Bela, Ken Duken, Hristo Shopov, Ennio Fantastichini

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