Life of Fred
Elementary Series

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The Life of Fred Elementary Series for your younger students is a great addition to your math curriculum, especially if you are already using the books for older students.

One year, when I had a first and third grader, we worked our way through the first four books of this series.  We read through a chapter a day four days a week and were able to cover these first four books in less than a school year.  Each book in the series has 19 chapters and there are 10 books available.

My kids loved the stories contained in this series.  Each book covers a day in the life of Fred, a five year old math genius who teaches math at KITTENS University in Kansas.

Like the older books in the series, these books cover not only math facts but many other interesting facts as well.  My children learned what a deciduous tree is, about the life cycle of a butterfly, which letters are vowels and which are consonants and why it isn't a good idea to give someone your PIN number!

Of course they learned math, too.  Things like addition facts, adding one and two digit numbers, subtraction facts and how to tell time.  Farther on in the series, Fred teaches subtraction, multiplication, division and an introduction to fractions.

While the books for the older students are meant for the student to work through them on their own, these books work better when teacher and student work through them together.  You can do this as a stand alone math program or as a supplement to a workbook math series.

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Elementary and Intermediate

Life of Fred
Elementary Series Collection

This group of books, as I said before, contains 10 books.  They go in alphabetical order by simple names that kids are likely to remember: Apples, Butterflies, Cats, Dogs, Edgewood, Farming, Goldfish, Honey, Ice Cream and Jelly Beans.

Life of Fred
Intermediate Series

There are three last books that round out this series and bring you right up to the point where your student is ready to start Fractions.  While it is hard to put an exact grade level on these books, if you are starting Fractions in 5th grade, you would start these three books in 3rd or 4th.  These books lend themselves to being done by the student alone but by all means feel free to do them with him/her.

The three books in this series are Kidney, Liver and Mineshaft.

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