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Religious Education Curriculum
For High School

Have you given a lot of thought to your high schooler's religious education curriculum? You should, since high school is your last real chance to instill a solid sense of faith and knowledge into your child before they head out into the "real" world - whether it be to the world of college or the working world.

You want your child to have a solid faith foundation so that they can defend their faith and feel comfortable following their faith despite what the general population might be telling them or persuading them to do.

Now that I've had one of my children attend a secular university, I cannot stress enough the importance of your children knowing their faith.  She has repeatedly told me that studying apologetics in high school has helped her immensely in sticking with her faith because she knows why she believes what she believes.  Always explain to your children why the church teaches what she does because that will be the thing they cling to when confronted with doubts.

My Top Recommendation for a
High School Religious Education Curriculum

If you aren't with a curriculum provider who will already have a religious ed program for you to use, then you might be wondering which direction to go for the four years of high school.

I found what I feel to be a very good, very rigorous study of our Catholic faith.

Didache high school religion

    The Didache series of religion books offer a very thorough covering of our Catholic faith. The book pictured here is one in a series of four books.  The other three are:

  • Understanding the Scriptures
  • The History of the Church
  • Our Moral Life in Christ

Each of these books is easy to understand yet provides a challenge for students, with weekly tests (both multiple choice and essay) as well as projects that can be done with each chapter.

You can also purchase a teacher's manual and student workbook for each of the books in this series.  The teacher's manual has answers to all of the chapter questions as well as the chapter tests and answers so I highly recommend that you get this book, too.

We have not bought "The History of the Church" series.  Instead, during that year, I have my student study Apologetics using a variety of sources we have accumulated over the years, such as books, audio tapes and pamphlets.

I have used the other three books, however, with all of my high schoolers (five so far!) and have found them to be a great resource and definitely worth the investment.

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