My Thoughts on the Best
Religious Education Resource

As a Catholic homeschooler, I know you are looking for that one religious education resource to share with your children so that they fall in love with their faith as much as you have.

There are so many options out there, from the formal to the informal, that it can make your head spin!

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If you're looking for resources to use in your homeschool, then you first have to decide how you want to teach religion to your kids.  Do you want it to be in a workbook format?  Would you rather it be in a Question and Answer format?  How about through the use of books and unit studies?

If you prefer workbooks, then there are any number of series' that you can use to provide your children with an excellent religious education.  Check out any of the main providers (Seton, Mother of Divine Grace, Catholic Heritage Curriculum) and you'll see they have a lot of workbook type resources to choose from.  I've also broken down my recommendations by levels a bit further down, so keep reading!

If you prefer more flexibility, then using a variety of books, for example fiction and non-fiction books and Saint stories, and doing Catholic unit studies might be a good answer for you.

A great resource to add to your homeschool library would be the 2 CD set of The King of the Golden City, a book written by Mother Mary Loyola in 1925 and recorded by Simonetta. For more information on this great resource, and to purchase it, check out this page.

The Best Religious Education Resource

I firmly believe that no matter which method you choose, the most important thing that you can do is to live your faith and let your children see you put it into action!

If you live out your faith on a daily basis and participate in events that bring their book lessons to life, then your kids will have a solid faith that will, hopefully, last them a lifetime.  Read stories to them that have to do with the faith, watch good faith-filled movies, go to child friendly Catholic events, attend Mass frequently!

As for formal resources, I've broken down this section on teaching religion into three separate areas.

Again, make your faith come alive to your children when they are young and chances are they won't stray to far from it.  Taking them to Mass from a young age is imperative! Don't worry if they make noise.  God doesn't mind (although if it is excessive or extended noise, you should probably take them out).  If you can get to daily Mass, then that is definitely a bonus.  It will be tough, no doubt about it, but the payoff is later on when they are older and they still appreciate the faith!  Make it fun!  Make it engaging!  There are so many incredible Saint stories that provide action and drama that they are sure to be interested.  Pray together as a family whenever possible!  This is so important, too.  Again, it will be messy sometimes, but stick with it.  The payout is years later, trust me!

As always, I appreciate any purchases you make of religious education resource materials on my site as it helps to support this website and our large, homeschooling family.  Also, please share this site with other Catholic homeschoolers!

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