St Kateri
Catholic Unit Study

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st kateri catholic unit study

St Kateri is one of the newest saints of our country to be canonized.  She only lived a short time, however her life had quite an impact on the society in which she lived. The suffering she endured in her short life will be an inspiration for everyone.

In this fascinating study of her life, you can learn about her great virtues, her suffering and the culture in which she grew up. Learn all about the various Iroquois tribes as well as the French missionaries that shaped her into the saint that she became.

This unit study covers topics in the following subject areas:

  • Reading Comprehension
  • English
  • Vocabulary
  • History
  • Science
  • Art
  • Home Ec
  • Physical Ed

During this three week unit study, you and your students can also explore the world of the late 1600s and learn about other saints and important people who lived during her time.

Following this plan allows for flexibility. You can take as long as you want to do it and do as many or as few of the activities as you would like. That is the beauty of a unit study - you can tailor it to your family.

What You Will Find in the
St Kateri Unit Study

Here is an excerpt from Week 2 Day 4:

Find an image of one of Monet's paintings of water lilies. Study it and then try to paint one of your own.
Color the page of Kateri being baptized. You can find it here:

Depending on the age of the students, cover the following in appropriate detail:

  • the seven sacraments
  • the three theological virtues
  • The Ten Commandments
  • The four final things.

Do some research on Father Jacques de Lamberville. Where was he from, how old was he and what did he spend his priesthood doing?

Creative Writing
Write a story that uses all of the vocabulary words from this week. The story can be as long as you want and about whatever you want, you just need to incorporate all 20 words from this week in it.

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Additional Books

This study  utilizes the book "Kateri Tekakwitha" by Evelyn M. Brown, published by Ignatius Press. You will need to obtain a copy of this book in order to fully utilize the unit study.

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