So you want to start homeschooling?

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Chances are you're here because you're trying to decide if you should start homeschooling. You might still need to find out what homeschooling is all about. Maybe you have friends and/or relatives that keep asking you questions like:

  • Will Johnny be socialized?
  • Can you afford to not work?
  • Will Suzy really get a good education?

These are valid questions that you should be prepared to answer. By the time you are done exploring this site, you will have an arsenal of answers for yourself and your doubting friends and relatives.

Even though homeschoooling is commonplace, there are still people who have some misconceptions about what homeschooling is and what it is that homeschoolers do.

There are many good books out about the subject of homeschooling that can help you to answer these questions. One of the pioneers in this area is Dr. Mary Kay Clark, the Director of Seton Home Study School. In her book, Catholic Homeschooling, Mary Kay starts out by saying that,

"90% of home schooling Catholic parents choose it in order to protect their children from evil influences in the schools, Catholic and otherwise, which are pulling their children away from God, away from the Catholic Church, and away from their own family." (p. 1)

So, the first thing to do is to decide why you want to homeschool.

  • Is it mainly for religious reasons?
  • Is it because you have had a bad experience with the public or private school your child(ren) attend?
  • Would you really like to send your child to a private school, but you can't afford it, so you're looking at homeschooling as an option?
  • Maybe you want to strengthen the bonds within your family and feel that homeschooling might be a way to do that?
  • Or maybe it is for a combination of reasons.

If you aren't sure why you want to homeschool, ponder that question while you peruse this site. Knowing why you want to homeschool is as important as knowing how to home school.

At this point, you probably still need some more information about homeschooling in order to make a decision about whether or not to start homeschooling. Are you familiar with all of the advantages of homeschooling? If not, here's a good way to acquaint yourself with them.

Like anything in life, there can be a negative side to homeschooling. This link will explore the disadvantages of homeschooling and show you how you can turn them in to positives.

We all know someone (maybe it is even youself) who wants the facts, and nothing but the facts. Bring on the cold, hard statistics. There are a lot of homeschooling facts and statistics that can help you in your decision, or help you to convince someone else!

Additional Books to Read as you Start Homeschooling

Many people find it helpful to read up more on homeschooling before they begin.  Others have to start homeschooling immediately but then find they need to brush up on things so that they are more informed.  Either way, reading books are a good way to get there.  In addition to the book Catholic Homeschooling, mentioned above, I have found the following books to be helpful:

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