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Here are some of the nice testimonials I have received from women who have either attended my workshop or used my book "A Plan for Joy in the Home".

"Laura's workshop was just the motivation I needed to get organized for back to school. Her ideas really got my wheels turning and helped me create a great schedule for our family and new chore charts for my children. Thanks, Laura!"

~Mary F.

"We all came away with an individualized plan! Very practical."

~ Mary Beth H.

"Your schedules and list of chores are very helpful for me to see and help figure out what I should do and give to the children to help me."

~Therese S.

"Thank you for taking the time to do this. It is a real gift for me. I knew it needed to be done, thank you for providing the backbone for the needed organization in my home."

~Ginny D.

"I appreciated the priority of scheduling prayer...I thought the book was well written - flowed well - I like the prayers before the sections - it keeps you focused and remembering why we are attempting this big job of homeschooling." 

~Ann P.

"I really like your book.  I took it with me on a silent retreat this last weekend...I'm excited to have the ideas especially in regards to prayer and chores.  I've wanted more help with chores, but did not have a plan."  

~Darla N.

“I like how A Plan for Joy in the Home’ helps you to get organized without making you feel like a failure before you even start. It also takes a huge task and makes it much easier by breaking each part into very manageable sections.  I like that you show examples of how to fill everything out rather than leaving the reader to muddle through the process on her own.   I have filled out the various worksheets and I put them together. I found it very easy to do and didn't take that much time even with all the other responsibilities that I have. I have read numerous organizational books and articles and this book is one of the best.  I pray it will bless others as it has me. “ 

~Evelyn M.

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