Work at Home Mom?
You're kidding, right?

Throughout this website you will encounter links for affiliate programs that I am involved with. If you purchase items/services through these links, it costs you nothing additional and I receive a small payment.

I know, if you're like me, you already ARE a work at home mom. You are a wife, a mother (possibly of a large family) and since you're on this site, you most likely homeschool or are thinking about home schooling. It's just that you don't get paid anything for it, at least not in the form of a paycheck.

I recently read a report that said that if a woman were to get paid for all of the work she does at home, her yearly salary would be $117,000. Not bad?!

Most homeschooling families, however, have to rely on just one income and sometimes that is just not enough. I know that there have been many times that I wished we could make some extra money to make things a little bit easier.

At one point in our marriage, my husband was unemployed and while he was in the process of looking for a new business opportunity, he came across an internet company called Site Build It. Neither of us knew much about building a website, but we were intrigued by the way they presented their product.

The main idea behind their website building programs is that you build a content based website (like the one you are on now) about something you are passionate about. I happen to love homeschooling and since I have been doing it for a while, I happen to know a lot about it. For me, it was an easy first choice.

Check here to see how others have turned their passion into a content based website!

The Freedom of Being a
Work at Home Mom

Maybe you know a lot about quilting, or a particular aspect of the Catholic faith, or maybe you love to visit a certain spot every year.

You can take that knowledge and turn it into a content based website that will make you money.

Once we got the idea, we came up with all kinds of websites that we could build. My husband and daughter each have ideas of their own, while we have had some ideas for a family website, too. AHH, if only there were more time in the day...

So if you are interested in turning your passion into a money-making website, check out the Solo Build It page built just for us moms who would like to be a paid work at home mom.  In the process, you might even come up with ideas for other members of your family so that they can earn some extra money, too!

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